Animals of Thailand Part 1

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Part of Thailand is accepting all the living critters around you. From the swarms of mosquitoes to the cute but scary monkeys, you need to always be aware of your surroundings.

The biggest issue I wasn’t prepared for were all of the stray dogs. They are skinny, covered with fleas, uteruses hanging out, wretched, sad looking creatures, and are everywhere. Most don’t even have the energy to attack if they wanted to. It is a horrible sight. A lot take refuge in the temple grounds as some monks will feed them. Most just wander the streets looking for scraps. The thought of putting them to sleep or harming them is unheard of. Buddhism is strongly against murder and who knows you may come back as a dog in your next life. So they just co exist.

Then there are the monkeys. They are all over the south. A little girl set her water down yesterday and a monkey stole it, opened it and drank it. Good thing it was just water or all the monkeys would have fought over soda or food and she would have been caught in the middle.

Yesterday Salome was in a very rustic squat bathroom on the beach where she watched a gecko swarm down and eat a scorpion. She was screaming and the gecko could care less.

My arm is still swollen from the crazy bee that stung me. Lucky the Thais say. Yep that’s me lucky! I’m so lucky that as I was walking to the bar a lizard came out of nowhere and bit my toe! Then it sat there staring at me for 10 minutes with tons of tourist taking it’s photo. They all claimed it loved me as it wouldn’t stop staring at me. It loves me so much it bit me!

While we were eating dinner one night Skyler saw a rat run by then sit and have his meal. I guess it’s like Ratatouille we dine with rats!

We had a huge snail in the shower today stuck on the pipe over head.

We are starting to get used to all these critters.



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