Tiger Cave and Ao Nang

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Today we got up and decided to just go with the flow. We went for a walk and stopped at an electronics store and got Sierrra a flat iron/curler because she accidentally packed the wrong one (110v not the dual voltage one we own). It was 380 Baht, $13. She can then teach a cousin how to use it and leave it here at the end of the trip. We then stumbled upon a political campaign parade. All the local schools marching bands and the candidates running for office were walking down the street. The kids were so cute playing their instruments.

We then saw a lady selling Kanom jean, with a sweet or spicey sauce on top. You sit and eat all the veggies you want with it family style. If you add a soft boiled egg it’s extra. She also had one of my favorite things, banana leaf wrapped sticky rice around bananas and steamed. People kept walking by and buying them all so we grabbed 5 while we were eating before they were gone. She was extreamly popular and busy so you know it was good. Breakfast for the 5 of us ran 180 baht, $6. Her son then asked us what are plan was. I told him we were thinking about going to the Tiger Cave then to Ao Nang. So he called us a minivan taxi to take us to both. It was much better than public transportation and it only cost us an extra 50 baht more and no waiting for us.

Tiger Cave is an old cave that a tiger once lived in until around 1974 when a group of monks decided to move in. The tiger then left but the monks have created shrines to worship the tiger. When I went into the cave to view the shrine I found it odd that the visitors were praying to the tiger shrine. I’m not sure I can wrap my Christian brain around this concept. I grew up with Buddhism so it isn’t that I don’t understand praying to statues. All my Catholic friends do it also. But a tiger? What’s the point? What’s he going to do?

We then decided to climb the 1260 steps to the top of the mountain. With monkeys to greet us along the way. At about step 577 I was done. My legs were shaking and I was exhausted. So everyone continued on without me. Maybe I needed to pray to the tiger for endurance or for all my fat to disappear. At the top they had a view of Krabi and the mangroves. There were large Buddha statues and one giant statue. When they got back down we headed for Ao Nang.

In Ao nang we sat on the beach and had lunch. We got manicures and pedicures. Honestly not worth the $6. They basically are just painting your nails. We moved down to The Last Cafe where Steve and I had beers and watched the kids swim in the ocean. Sierra liked this beach better as it has waves. Most people prefer the beach we were at yesterday with it’s white sandy beaches and calm waters. Not my kids, yellow sand and waves for them.

We then caught a Songthaw, a truck with the bed converted into a covered bench like bus, back to Krabi Town. 5 minutes into the ride the skies opened up and dumped a ton of rain on us. The driver pulled over and put on plastic holie windows and just laughed about the holes. It’s Thailand what can you do?

After getting back and freshening up we realized thousands of kids have embarked upon Krabi for an art competition. Every room in town was booked. So if you thought you could just mosey into Krabi this week and get a cheap room you would be out of luck. Kids were everywhere. We went to eat and it took 5x’s as long as the night before. There wasn’t anywhere to sit and all of the sticky rice with mango was sold out. We ate dinner got some Roti, the crepe like desserts and went back to cool off in our room for the night.




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