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Wednesday we got up and packed our bags. We went to a Muslim resturant for breakfast, trying to expand our palette before leaving the south. We then sat and waited for our ride to the ferry terminal in front of our hotel. And waited, and waited… It’s Thailand… When it finally arrived it was a little man in a truck. We threw our bags in the back and all crammed into the back seat. He couldn’t get through the traffic and told us to get out and make a run for it. Apparently the Art competition was being held in the grass area next to the port. Huge busses of kids everywhere, it was a zoo. The Ferry building was empty. So we rushed onto the ferry that was supposed to leave in 5 minutes to sit and wait. And wait, and wait…

The ferry was air conditioned in the cabins below thankfully. The upper deck was full of sunbathing European 20 somethings, looking hung over and more lobster than golden. The ride over was beautiful. The islands in the Krabi Providence are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Upon arrival we dig our bags out of the huge pile of Ospreys and Northface packs, thanking Rick Steves for these easy access handled backpacks. We pay our 20 baht per person tax, the tax collector took pity on me and only charged for 4, telling me it’s ok. We then head out to hike to our hotel. One of the few not offering Pier pick up with a porter. It was so hot that along the 10 minute hike to our hotel we stopped for lunch and cold water. Once we reached our hotel we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the view from our patio. The bay was stunning. Our hotel was perfect. It is tiny and personal. The young girl and her mother who run this place have turned it into an Oasis. They have gone above and beyond to make our stay wonderful.

The first thing we do is jump in the ocean. Then we rent a longtail boat (lots of haggling with drivers to get it down to half the starting price) to take us to Phi Phi Ley, where Maya Bay is located, the location of the filming of the movie, “The Beach”. Maya Bay is beautiful but it is also full of a million people crowding the beach and swimming in a roped off section. Then there is the 200 baht pp tax. So in short, we came, we saw, we took a photo, and we left. Going around the island to other inlets to snorkle. This is the warmest, clearest water I have ever seen. It is so beautiful that you never want to leave. But we eventually do and we are all sad. On the return trip we stop at Monkey Bay where the kids enjoyed watching the monkeys play with each other and steal tourists stuff. 

Once back on Phi Phi Don we got dressed for dinner. As we are walking to dinner it began to rain, then pour, then dump on us. We found an overhang to retreat to until it finally stopped. For dinner we went to a tiny hole in the wall place ran by a lady and her son. Hands down the best Pad Thai and Papaya Salad ever! Plus the cheapest sticky rice on the island. After dinner we walked around then headed to bed as snorkeling had wiped us out. We are staying on the party side of the island, close to all the action. Our hotel is at the end of party row. So you can hear the bass but it doesn’t bother us. It stops completely at 2am so it isn’t that bad. 

Phi Phi is a party destination. It caters to the young party scene. Buckets are sold with a pint of whiskey and 2 mixers (typically coke and red bull). The price starting at 160 baht and going up depending on the whiskey or rum brand. Once you purchase your bucket, they fill it with ice and dump all 3 ingredients in, and add a straw. These are for sale everywhere, along with every other kind of alcohol. The thought of drinking a pint of any type of alcohol makes me tummy churn, not a part of my youth I want to relive. Although the atmosphere is fun and makes you feel young again. 

The next day we decide to just enjoy the island. We go to breakfast, then are faced with stairs that lead to the viewpoint. Ugh, more stairs! My calves are still sore from the last set I faced. I made it to the top this time! A hot mess but still made it. And the view made it worth it! It was amazing to see the island from above. We took some photos then just sat and enjoyed the view. We then decided to go back down and go swimming. Skyler spent his day relaxing in a hammock. I went and had a traditional Thai Massage. It cost me 250 baht, around $8 for an hour. It was also a nail shop, so you knew it wasn’t a happy ending place. That’s how you can tell the difference, if they offer other services like waxing and nails or just a behind a curtain treatment. My massage was ok, not amazing, maybe I’ll try more of an oil massage next time.

I returned with lunch, that we ate in the garden at our hotel. Then Sierra and I went shopping while Steve, Salome and Skyler went Kayaking. Sierra and I got some tye dye tank tops and met a fun British couple. Steve got stuck out in the bay at low tide and had to drag the Kayak back through the sand.

We then went to our favorite little resturant for dinner. Afterwards I introduced everyone to the Swiss boy I had been chatting to all day. As he had been getting a huge tattoo on his leg that took 20 hours so far. So every time I walked by I would check on the progress and tease him. As the kids and Steve were chatting with the artist we ended up designing a tattoo for Steve. Next thing we knew, Swiss boy was out on a break and Steve was in the chair getting a traditional Thai bamboo tattoo. Steve decided to get the kids middle names translated into Thai and written on his back. As the tattoo is done with bamboo and not a tattoo gun it heals much faster and is less painful. Sierra was begging to get a tattoo also but there was no way of that happening. The tattoo guys were joking with the kids and telling them to come back in tens years to see them. 

With Steve’s new tattoo we hit the beach to watch the nightlife unfold. The fire dancers were amazing and each bar had its own few performers. Sierra wanted to limbo but I didn’t think it was a great idea as it was for shots. We then walked the 20 feet back to our rooms and called it a night.
















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      1. As always the media blew it out of proportion. It did rain a lot, but we never got the 60 mile per hour winds they spoke of. Maybe in Washington, but not here. So sorry to inform you, your house is still here.

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