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For 200 baht per person we purchase our ferry tickets to Ko Lanta. Sad to leave Phi Phi but we must move on. We pay a porter to bring our bags to the pier instead of hiking the 10 minutes with them on. Honestly the best 100 baht ever spent. There are touts everywhere trying to sell you a ticket, a boat ride, or a room. If you want to save money just show up and book a room here. There are even guys on the ferry going up and down the aisle selling rooms. And you have literally no where to run. I could have saved over half the money but I would rather pay more and know where I’m staying has great reviews. Then to chance paying less and ending up with cockroaches. 

Once we disembarked we were told we again have to pay a tax per person. I’m starting to think this is some sort of scam because no one looks official and this guy let me only pay for two people when I asked him for a discount. After paying the guy I looked for someone holding up a sign from our hotel. Yippee! I found him and he looks professional in his hotel logo polo shirt. This is promising, I think. We load up in the back of the truck and off we go! At check in we are given glasses of the best tea ever. I really need to buy some when we get to Chiang Mai, as that’s where it’s from. The porter then brings our bags to our rooms. I’m loving it here. Forget Hawaii, come to Thailand. This island is so serene and uncrowded. Our resort is right on the beach. The pool isn’t large but it fits our needs. And a full breakfast buffet is included. All for the price of $55 per villa per night. Our little villa has a king size bed, air conditioning, a vanity, closet, safe, fridge and bathroom. The kids room is right next door. And each morning they put 2 bottles of water in our fridge. I really could live here forever.

After we got settled we took a TukTuk to the little village 10K away. We had lunch at a resturant that overlooked the water. Then went to the market to stock up on snacks. When we returned we swam in the ocean and the pool. Then we dressed and went in search of a highly recommended restaurant. When we finally found it we discovered that it was closed. We found out later from a local that the owners mom had just died and she was away for the funeral. So we ate at another resturant with plastic lawn chairs. The food was good but not great. We then went to 7/11 for ice creams, that we ate on the way back to our room.

The next day we enjoyed our breakfast buffet. We then rented two scooters. Steve and the girls on one and Skyler and I on another. It took a bit to figure out how to drive a scooter and how to drive on the opposite side of the road. So I took to going at a snails crawl until I got the hang of it. It didn’t help that I witnessed two tourist in Old Lanta on a scooter shoot across a luckily slow street into a smoothie cart. Taking out the entire cart and themselves in the process. They walked away with only some scratches but I can’t say the same for the smoothie cart. 

The drive around the island was beautiful. We drove pass a lot of water buffalo and a giant lizard (kimono dragon). The beach we are staying on is extreamly quite. Not what you would expect during peak season. I guess the political issues kept a lot of the normal tourists away. We discovered this entire island is mainly Sweedish families. There are 3 Sweedish Schools for Sweedish children here. For $4000 a year your Sweedish child can attend school using the exact same curriculum as if the never left Sweden. While you live in paradise for 4 weeks to 9 months. This year most families stayed away. So it’s like being on a private beach. And we are staying on the most popular beach. So driving to the quieter beaches of the south was extreamly isolated. We stopped at a cave that was a 3 hour experience that Steve wanted to do. The rest of us out voted him. Crawling through mud with giant spiders and bats did not sound like my kind of fun. On the way back we stopped at a crowded resturant on the water for lunch. The prices were the highest I had seen. So we went to the empty resturant right next door. The exact same view and a fourth of the price. The food was amazing! And the portions were huge! For $3 each we got what we wanted to eat and a smoothie. I had an awesome spicey squid salad.

When we returned we swam in the ocean then in the pool for a while. Then took naps before heading into the main village for dinner and browsing through shops.





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