Paper or Plastic

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Everywhere you go is garbage. You know how an abandoned lot starts to look, imagine an entire country looking like that. Nothing is thrown away. They don’t see it as garbage. It is something that has yet to be repurposed. 

The thing that is driving me crazy is that all paper products are 1 ply. You need 20 napkins to wipe your hands when you eat. We even went to one resturant that charged for a pack of napkins. Toilet Paper is the worse. You need half a roll to go to the bathroom. You can’t find paper to write on. Paper is a major commodity around here.

The opposite is true of plastic. You don’t drink the water, so you have to buy bottled water constantly. So the empty bottles really start to pile up in our room. Then when I go to buy 5 bottles of water they want to put each one in its own bag. We literally have a bag of over 100 empty bags. When Skyler purchased shorts on the beach to put on at that moment, the lady was offended that he didn’t want the plastic Adidas bag. As though that makes his shorts really authentic and not the knock offs that they probably are. Bags are given for everything. If you get a shake in a dome plastic cup from a stand they bag it! It would be like going to Starbucks and having your frappachino bagged for you to carry around so your hands don’t warm the drink I guess.

It is really making me appreciate reusable bags and to remember to pack one for our next trip.


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