Salome’s 12th Birthday in Ko Lanta

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Today Salome is turning 12! Steve and I got up early to buy Thai desserts that sell out by 6:30 and rode around looking for a cake for Salome. We found a German bakery that had lemon cake by the slice. The sweet fräulein also threw in a sparkler, candle, and candy mouse for the top. 

We let Salome pick the activities for the day. We originally had scheduled a snorkeling trip to some southern islands but she just wanted to relax and get a massage. She also decided to rent a Stand Up Paddle Board. 

At breakfast we surprised her with her cake. Then went to rent the SUP. It cost more than the two scooters and all the gas we used the day before. I still can’t figure out pricing around here. A smoothie is more than an entrée, a massage is more than a fresh fish dinner, and a TukTuk ride is more than renting your own scooter for the day. 

I found a starfish and Sierra found a clam while swimming around. The clam freaked me out as I was holding it, it decided to open an stick its tongue out on me to fling itself back in the water. It worked as I launched it into the sea. 

Steve stayed and played on the SUP while the girls and I went to get massages. Apparently Skyler used this time to overflow the toilet and tried to remedy this on his own. Going to the front desk and asking for a plunger. When they didn’t know what it was he continued to draw them a picture. Still no idea, so he had to show them. They then brought in an entire crew of men with a hose. It took hours before they were done. This was the lovely sight the girls and I returned to. Steve still unaware out in the ocean… At least Skyler took care of his business. 

We then went and played in the ocean with the SUP until “Sven” then Sweedish Surfer came to pick up the board at sunset. We then took showers and let Salome pick our dinner location. She picked Koala Bar at the other end of the beach from us. So we walked in the rain and got a beautiful bamboo table overlooking the ocean. Salome wanted ribs. The most expensive item on the menu. We made her get the half rack at 450 baht ($15) instead of the whole rack for 800. We had a calamari appetizer to start with. While waiting for the food, the staff came out singing, “Happy Birthday to rue!”, with a huge plate of cake and ice cream. It was awesome but totally kinda awkward as we haven’t received our dinner yet. So cake and ice cream appetizer it is! 

Then they brought out Salome’s ribs. Thankfully she only got a half rack because it was huge!! It had to be water buffalo and not cow. I wanted to sing the Flinstone theme! Skyler and Steve happily helped her. I ordered sizzling prawns but instead recieved some weird bland shrimp soup. Delivered to me as my sizzling prawns. So what could I say. Steve got the fish of the day and Sierra and Skyler got chicken cashew fried rice served in a pineapple. Our servers were great! 

We then enjoyed walking back to our room along the beach. A birthday Salome will never forget. 







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