Khantoke Dinner and Show

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Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center puts on a nice Khantoke Dinner and Show. This is Thailands version of a luau. We arrived by red truck at 6:40 pm and were curbside greeted and escorted to the check in counter where we paid and recieved our table assignment. We then checked our shoes at the shoe check in and found our traditional floor level seats. 

Because I prebooked online we recieved one free beverage each and had our food brought out immediately. It was all you can eat and our server was constantly refilling our tray. The food consisted of Burmese pork curry, minced tomato spicy paste, fried chicken, pork skins, fried pumpkin fries, crispy noodles, stir fried vegetables, fresh vegetables, steamed rice, sticky rice, fresh fruit, and rice crackers for dessert.

They came around with fresh flower garlands they placed on us and had a photographer taking photos. The framed photos were 100 baht each. 

We then enjoyed the music and traditional dances. They then invited people to join in on the dancing. One of the dances had a lama dragon dancer come around for tips. It was all really good and a lot of fun.

We then went outside a realeased a lantern for good luck.

Afterwards the dancing continued in an outside stadium for another 11 numbers.

We all had a really nice evening out and were so happy we got to experience this Thai tradition. 



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