Chiang Mai Part 2

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Chiang Mai is a wonderful city and staying within the old city walls is an absolute must! It is so easy to get anywhere. For 20 baht each we flag down a red truck outside our guesthouse to take us anywhere within the city we want to go. We visit different markets and temples in and around the city. Some we walk to and to others we enjoy being able to sit in a red truck or Tuk Tuk for 100 baht ($3.33) and give our feet a break. We found an awesome temple that offered 130 baht ($4.25) ,  hour long Thai massages. We took advantage of that two days in a row.

I also had a black dress custom made at a tailor next door from my guesthouse. I had multiple fittings based on a dress I showed them a picture of on Pinterest. In the end it didn’t come out exactly as requested but it is a nice custom fitting casual black dress.

On Saturday night we went to the Walking Street Market. It was wall to wall people. Food was cheap! It was mostly hand made crafts and items for sale. I loved it here! I still haven’t purchased any gifts for back home as I hate nick nacks, so in turn I wouldn’t want to give them as gifts. And clothes are too personal of an item. So I’m really at a loss for gift items. Everything I want to buy for my home is huge and could never fit in a carryon bag. So all I have purchased are thin cotton clothes to wear daily here.

Chiang Mai is a city of temples. You can throw a rock in any direction and hit a temple. We visited the main ones but they all started to run together. We find more joy in just experiencing the people and food of Chiang Mai.


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  1. Merry Christmas!!!! Looks like you are having a great time. Talked to Serenity this morning and she is doing fine.

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