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After a 5 hour, second class bus ride from Chiang Mai we arrived in the original capital of Siam, Sukhothai. We decided to stay in the Old town where the Historic Park is located instead of the New town 30 km away, even though lodging there is 1/10 TH of the price.

We were extreamly happy with our choice. Our guesthouse is located across the street from an ancient ruined temple that is still in use. The temple is surrounded by water and lit up with lanterns at night for 2 hours. It is breathtaking to stand on the balcony from our room and enjoy this view. We have two rooms. One with two full beds for the kids and ours with the one queen bed and balcony. This guest house is beautifully decorated with American and Thai antiques. The walls are painted with the ancient Sukhothai fish designs. We were greeted with crisp white bedding and cute elephant shaped towels. In the lobby they have a self serve fruit and coffee area.

The first night we arrived we enjoyed soup from a vendor in front of our accommodations. Then Skyler got a bag of kettle corn for 10 baht (.33¢).

The next we got up early and rented bicycles from a crazy lady. I should have known she was crazy and walked away. She was cussing in Thai at Steve because she was trying to adjust his seat but he wouldn’t get up. It was nice staying in Old Sukhothai and having the Historical Park directly across the street. We paid for our tickets and the bikes tickets. Along with our audio guide rental. And headed into this beautiful ancient Capitol. The weather was perfect and we were the first ones into the park. It was nice having the ruins uncrowded and to ourselves.

We rode around all of the ruins in Central and Nothern Zone. We then went to look for an ox cart ride place. Apparently it doesn’t exist. So we just had a nice ride through the countryside. The people in the villages laughed at us and thought we were lost. They kept directing us to the ruins but we would just nod no, thank you. Instead of an ox cart ride we were surrounded by a heard of ox. It reminded us of our trip to Yellowstone and being surrounded by a heard of bison. In the end we somehow made a giant loop and luckily ended up in front of the fresh market were we had lunch.

After lunch we returned to the park and looked at more ruins. At the hottest part of the day we found a nice shady spot to take a nap. When we woke up we treated ourselves to a slurpee from 7/11.

We then headed out to find a make it yourself clay pottery place. We never found it. Instead we came across a local sculpture and got to watch him work. Then his neighbor let the kids paint some pieces for $4 each when we tried to explain what we were in search of. It was fun and we somehow created a little “Bella Terra Ceramics Workshop” in this lady’s patio. In 5 years from now when Sukhothai is known for you paint it yourself tours we will know it sparked from my three kids paying to paint in this back alley courtyard.

That evening we returned the bikes and enjoyed dinner from the many inexpensive food vendors. The cheapest we had seen in all of Thailand.

On our last day in Sukhothai we decided to just relax and enjoy our surroundings. Steve and I got up and purchased breakfast that we ate in the outdoor lobby of our hotel. It was nice to enjoy the cool weather and people watch. Later in the day we explored the side streets and just watched everyday life. We walked by an old mans humble home that he was giving haircuts out of. So we stopped and Steve got a haircut, an old fashion straight edged razor shave, and they even shave your ear, eyebrows and nose hairs. All for 60 baht ($2)! Steve got a couple of nicks, thankfully he’s had his hepatitis vaccines.

We then had to catch our Air Asia shuttle to the airport for our flight back to Bangkok.



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