Merry Christmas in Bangkok

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Thailand being a predominantly Budhist nation, that doesn’t celebrate Christmas as a holiday and the summertime weather is making it hard for us to get into the Christmas spirit.   

Christmas Eve we spent running out to the Thai government buildings to take care of some personal affairs. Then we went to Tesco Lotus, a Thai version of Walmart, to get some stocking stuffers. My dad and the kids ate KFC while Steve and I shopped. Then my dad dropped us off on Khao San Road. The street where backpackers from around the world unite while touring South East Asia. We found it to be nothing special. I got my nails painted with poinsettias for Christmas in a side alley. Costing me 150 baht ($5) for all ten nails. At home it’s $5 for one design on one toe. At the stall next to me Skyler had custom stickers made for 100 baht. We then discovered that the same guy made fake California Drivers licenses for 800 baht ($27). They looked spot on like the brand new cards, with the holographic film and everything. Steve thought it was bad parenting to get Sierra one so she can go play Bingo with my mom. So we skipped this travel experience. 

We quickly got bored with looking at the same junk for sale and walked to the pier along the river. We caught an express boat down the river to Chinatown. This is one of the best ways to avoid the traffic in Bangkok. We then walked around Chinatown looking at all the bulk items you can buy and resell. As the sun went down the street vendors came out. We literally sat along the busiest street in Chinatown at a fold up table and plastic stools eating some of the best Chinese Food ever. Steve and I at the end incase a taxi decided not to go around us and take us out. After dinner we bought some Durian to try. Durian is the custard texture smelly fruit. It is actually quite pricey but we had to try it. Sierra and Steve liked it. Salome and I couldn’t swallow the smell. So off to purchase my favorite snack food, crickets! They are crunchy, salty, yummy and packed with protien. I love walking around munching on a bag. Next to the cricket stand they had set up a movie screen in the middle of a street. Families were sitting on blankets along the filthy road watching a comedy while motorcycles drove underneath the screen. After walking around for a little while longer we decided to get a taxi and head home.

The next day was Christmas! We woke up and opened our stockings and presents by the tree. Yupadee got little Santa hats for us to wear. It was a nice Christmas morning. We then got dressed to head out for brunch that my dad and Yupadee treated us to. We took two taxis to the giant Central World Mall, to have brunch at the huge hotel located there. We were seated in a nice private  glass room with privacy curtains. We had unlimited wine and the buffet had everything. We had 3 hours in the room to enjoy all of the different dishes they offered. It was decorated for Christmas with giant gingerbread houses and a Santa ice sculpture. Skyler ate so much he went into a turkey coma at the table getting a little nap in. 

After lunch we walked around the 3 malls all connected by an outdoor skywalk. We barely browsed these malls as they were so vast in size. Each mall catered to a different shopper. First was Central World the mall I would do most of my shopping in. Then Paragon the high end mall with Bentley and Rolls Royce showrooms in them. You don’t even have to travel to Paris for my favorite macaroons as they have 2 boutiques in this mall. The third mall is MBK. This is a mall full of the same stuff they sell all over the street but for slightly more inside air conditioning. It was fun seeing Asian Santa at the mall and all the frantic shopping going on. Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more than consumerism! 

We hope everyone enjoyed thier Christmas as much as we did. Merry Christmas!   



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