The Big Appointment

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Sierra and I took our time waking up today. She timed me while I planked. I then jumped into the shower. Only to be startled to death by my Yaija yelling and pounding on the door. I figured she was just worried about us and making sure we were ok. Sierra took forever opening the door then she finally did and I was getting yelled at to hurry up and get dressed. That we need to go. Common phrases every Thai kid learns early on. You understand when someone is yelling or angry. My mom made sure to teach me what she meant or like any language you figure it out.

I kept trying to explain that our appointment wasn’t until 1:30pm and it was only 10:00am. She started flipping out. Finally through her frustration her 1970 Vietnam war English emerged. “I don’t have blue book!” What!! She couldn’t find it. She just had it and now it was gone. This was the pivotal item needed for the appointment! The whole reason I came. I called my mom to translate and yet again I ran out of minutes! I’ve had it with this phone carrier. How much am I spending a minute? So we quickly got dressed and headed into the city. It takes a whole 30 minutes to replace her Blue Book at the government building. This precious blue book that I am spending so much time and money to be added into. Yelling and dragging me out of the shower for 30 minutes of our time and a $1 processing fee!

We now had a few hours to spend before our appointment. So we got some fruit and street noodle soup. Then we went to a Wat (Temple) for my grandma to pray with Sierra. As I was parking the rental car I hit a ceramic log looking stool. It fell over. You would have thought I ran over Buddha himself the way they reacted. I got out, picked up the stool, it was flawless, and moved on. Apparently they didn’t want to let it go. Since I can’t speak Thai I just smiled and waved.

We then went back to the government buildings where we got an ice cream with sweet rice at the bottom of the cup. For about .25 cents each.

Then we attended my 3 hour appointment. I am so happy I paid a lawyer to translate and take care of most things. She helped my family understand what was going on. She ensured that the village head attended the appointment. She will contact me when everything is completed and I can return to pick everything up and make my ID card. She is amazing!!!

Afterwards I offered to take my family to lunch anywhere except for western food. My aunt found the most expensive Thai restaurant in the entire city. It didn’t taste very good and they laughed at me when I told them what I wanted to eat. They said I can buy that on the street for nothing. Why go into their fancy restaurant and order street food. Because I like cheap street food! It’s cleaner and taste better! I was dragged in here by my aunt who wants to tell her friends that her niece took her to eat here. So I just let her order and I ate whatever was served.

Afterwards we came home for a nap. We woke up at 7:30 pm and went to go get my Yaija and Uncle Charlie to go to the night market. I pounded on the door but no one answered. So Sierra and I went alone. We got some great food and some cute clothes. We stayed until most vendors were packing up. We then headed back to our bungalow to enjoy our purchases.

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