Enjoying Siem Reap

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After Returning from the ancient ruins we decided to just relax for the rest of the day. We had lunch by the pool. Then we took a nap. After our naps we got picked up for our one hour aroma therapy massage.

Upon arrival we are given cold tea to drink and had our feet washed in cucumber water. They then led us back to our beautiful rooms and told us to completely undress and lay on the massage table face down under a towel. I have had a ton of massages all over the world and this was the best massage of my life. She actually sat over me on the table and firmly got out all my knots. She massaged my entire body even my abs! Afterwards she sits on the table and has me lay my head in her lap while she massages my head, neck and face. Amazing! Afterwards we are given hot tea and a ride back to our hostel. All for $15 each. Crazy expensive for Cambodia but a killer deal for the same massage at a spa in California.

We then sit back and relax on large couches in the rooftop bar. Since we had lunch at the hostel we decided to go down the road for dinner. We sit down at a roadside outdoor restaurant run by 3 small children and their mom. We get jackfruit smoothies, fried spring rolls, two noodle dishes, and a large water. All for $7.

Afterwards we walk down to the night market and Sierra purchases some tie dyed tops and gifts for her friends. Most of the shops are all the same souvenir stuff. But we come across an amazing kiosk that is selling beautiful jewelry by a charity that teaches a craft to the local people by recycling the shrapnel left over from the war. The jewelry is priced at what you would expect to pay in the United States but it is honestly worth every penny. The proceeds go back into the training of these people and helping them move out of poverty and the sex industry.

We are now literally hot, sticky and craving AC. So we take a Tuk Tuk back to the hostel and go straight to our 10 bed dorm room. Where I literally fall asleep writing this. I woke up at 1:30am and am sitting outside our room on a swinging bed and table. 4 girls just got back from the bars completely drunk and obnoxious. One girl is actually making out with the Tuk Tuk driver as a “tip” for bringing them home safely. Ewe!! Have you seen the men who drive Tuk Tuks? Not exactly the element you offer kisses too. Most of them actually live in their Tuk Tuks. The staff just had to ask them to kindly go to bed. Lol. I think I’ll do the same.

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