A Day In Siem Reap

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We spent a good part of today chatting with our roommates at the hostel. Then we headed out to grab some lunch. We had lunch at a little place on one of the main streets that reminded me of Paris. Except the view was a tad bit different. And the menu was a thick book!

For lunch we got a shrimp omelet with rice, a Khmer shrimp curry soup with coconut rice, fried frogs, pumpkin tapioca dessert soup, papaya smoothie, and a beer for $10.

After lunch we walked around an outdoor market very similar to Chatachuk market in Bangkok. Everything was pretty much the same stuff you find all over. We then walked up toward Pub Street and found a cute boutique selling goods made at a location locally that specializes in teaching the Cambodian people an art. I purchased an adorable little purse made from recycled bicycle inner tubes. It is finely constructed and unique. I paid $15 for it. Well over the $2 knock off Kate Spade bag you can buy here. I love supporting local artisans.

A little further down we find a cute French bakery called the Blue Pumpkin. It’s air conditioned, modern, clean, and offers free wifi! We sit and have an ice cream, bottled water, and a macaroon. Then we ordered a sandwich and a schweps. It was a nice place to just sit and relax.

We then went to purchase a few more items from the man who makes jewelry out of shrapnel. He had Sierra help him with making some bracelets she purchased. These pieces are so amazing and the message behind them are so deep. We can’t help but be drawn into wanting to support the thoughtful artists.

It started to dump rain on us! So we ran for shelter under a massage place awning. So Sierra got a 15 minute foot massage and I got a much needed pedicure. While we waited the rain out.

We then went back to the hostel to change into our comfy travel clothes. We met some nice guys from Australia, a group from England and their friend from South Africa. We all happen to be going to be on the same hotel bus to southern Cambodia tonight.

We are currently traveling on the Hotel Bus in the middle of the night. The roads are horrible and this ride is anything but smooth. It smells bad and the strange Korean man across the aisle is snoring. We had to make a stop after the first hour because Sierra had to go to the bathroom. So everyone unloaded and used the squat toilets at this roadside stop. The bus ride is 13 hours and cost us $18 each. We are lucky to be traveling together as I can’t imagine sleeping this close to a stranger. Like the poor women across the aisle stuck with the Korean man.

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