Sihanoukville & Koh Rang

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After our bus arrived in Sihanoukville we took a Tuk Tuk to the Vietnamese Consulate. It was 7:00 am and they didn’t open until 8:00 am. So we went across the street and had breakfast. It was the cleanest street side plastic chair restaurant I have eaten at. She even had the utensils in boiling water at the table. It was also their home. So it was fun to see the little kids getting ready for school and their teenage uncle taking them on his moped. The little girl must have left her princess backpack because her brother came back for it. He then saw Sierra and on his return trip he made sure to fix his hair in the reflection on his helmet. It was so cute.

We then ran across the street to drop off our passports to get our Vietnam Visas. We can pick them up on our way out of town. They just lowered the prices this week from $60 to $40 each!

When we came outside our Tuk Tuk driver from earlier came back for us! He then took us to get our ferry tickets and then to the ferry. All without us asking him to. For $3!

It is a 45 minute ferry ride to Koh Rang from Sihanoukville. The island is pretty small. 5 years ago there weren’t any accommodations. Now the beach is lined with guesthouses and bungalows. None with hot water or wifi even though they all have a sign claiming to offer it. The island is so small that there is no avoiding anyone. You run into the same people constantly. It’s driving Sierra crazy. Guys who tell you how sexy you are every time they run into you makes you want to hide in the jungle.

I have made friends with two Israeli girls. They are super low key and fun to be around. We just sit on our guesthouse porch and talk. Others will come and join us then move on. It’s interesting to talk to so many young travelers. Most are traveling for a year or two or until their money runs out. We have only met three American guys. They are traveling for 2 weeks. We meet a lot of Australians. More than any other country. Americans should travel more.

On our first day we took a boat trip that included snorkeling, the beach on the other side of the island, fishing, bar b qing, and swimming with the plankton. We had an amazing time. After I finally let go of the fact I lost my cell phone (it turned out to be under a towel in our room) and was stuck on a boat so I couldn’t look for it. We made some friends and some enemies. Apparently Canadians are super sensitive and can’t hold their liquor.

After we returned from the boat trip we spent that evening meeting a lot of travelers. Then a storm hit and a local family were trying to save their boat from washing ashore. So in my dress I ran out to help them. They were trying to push the boat against the waves. After following their lead for a while I realized this was futile and ran around the other side of the boat and pulled a rope towards a docking post to try to tie the front of the boat to it. Finally it worked but it was insane! Sierra and another boy ran out to help but everyone else just stayed under the porch and watched. Including 5 men from Uruguay that we had been sitting with. I was highly disappointed in them as they were more afraid of getting wet. But they keep bringing up my saving the boat like I’m a local hero or something. My knee is pretty cut up and bruised, along with my shoulder, I also think I sprained my wrist as I can’t lift anything without it being painful.

The following day we fell into the island life of just chilling on the beach. We had omelets for breakfast and fruit smoothies for lunch. And these strange baguette sandwiches for dinner. Then late at night I got us smoothies again as Sierra just wanted to chill in the room. Then the Israeli girls and I got some French Fries to eat on the porch. We just eat what is affordable and available.

I’m sure in another 3 years this island will become developed with huge resorts on it. It’s nice that we got to experience it now while it is still a small hangout place for young backpackers.

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