Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

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We decide to head out and explore the city. It is hot and we decided to take taxis instead of walking anywhere. We first get dropped off at Ben Thanh Market. I see a cash exchange booth across the street and exchange a $100. I should’ve done more but it was what I had in my coin purse at the time. We then went next door to get a cold drink in the French bakery. It was nice and air conditioned. I am starting to love the French!

On a side note Cambodian and Vietnamese men are hot! You can definitely see the influence of being colonized versus Thailand that never was. The men are not hot at all in Thailand.

We then go to tackle the market. I can’t stand markets any longer. They smell and are full of pushy people selling the same junk. “What you looking for? I give you good price, lady” They actually grab you here unlike other markets. Sierra buys a pair of socks and a sports bra. Then we take a taxi to the Post Office.

The Post Office is a beautiful historic building built in the 1890’s. We then go across the street and take some pictures in front of their Notre Dame Cathedral. Afterwards we walk down to Independence Palace but it is closed for the day. So we take a taxi to the Hindu Temple. Afterwards we got to go to a food festival a few blocks from our guesthouse. We ate a lot of different foods. It was fun to walk around and purchase a variety of different Asian foods. It was sponsored by a tea company so they were selling bottles of tea for 5,000 dong which is 25 cents. So people were stocking up on them. We met some Vietnamese students who we talked to that were surprised Sierra is only 15 they said she is so big!

Afterwards we walked back to our guesthouse in the middle of the backpacker district. We are so over these 20 something’s. They think they are so cultured and traveled but in reality they have traveled halfway around the world to party. I realized that many Americans don’t need to go to third world countries to party we have the Greek system at University to fill that need.

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