A nice night out in Saigon

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After a hot day crawling through tunnels we decided to have a more upscale evening out. We are staying on the most happening street in HCMC and have been invited out by numerous people. We instead chose to dress up and take a taxi to the Bitexco Financial Tower, the highest building in Saigon, to have a cocktail. You can pay $10 to go to the observation deck or pay $12.50 for a drink. So we had lovely seats by the window and enjoyed our drinks looking at the beautiful lights all over the city. There was a couple from Toronto playing acoustic guitar and singing our favorite music. Which made it so much more fun. We met some guys from London and a marathon runner from Barcelona. We also ran into the couple from our tour earlier. So it felt like we were at home.

We then took a taxi to Noir. Where we had dinner reservations. This is in a lovely part of town. The restaurant was amazing! The owner is from the Netherlands and has made sure everything is absolutely perfect! The staff is attractive and loving. They greet you outside then walk you into the lobby. Then we are given a complimentary cocktail. Then a deaf staff member shows you how to play a game blind folded. I completed it in under a minute. I love puzzles!! Then the owner came over and chatted with us for a while. It is an extremely pleasant experience. They then have you put all your belongings in a locker and give you the key to put around your arm.

We are then introduced to our waitress who is blind. She escorts us up the stairs into the completely pitch black dining room. We are given time to acquaint ourselves with the layout of the table. Then our drinks and first course is brought out. It is a tray with 1 cold soup, 1 hot soup and 3 salads. Afterwards our main courses are brought out. It consists of 4 dishes. A roulade, a salmon, a cauliflower gratin, and pulled pork with potatoes. Finally our dessert course was presented with 4 tastings also. A sorbet, a soup, a panna cotta, and an almond cake.

In the end we are led back into the lobby to view our meal on a tablet. We then use the restroom to find a nicely heated toilet! We are left to chat with other customers and are given fresh jasmine flower bracelets. The is then presented to us in a chest. They offer to call us a taxi to take us back to our hotel, that arrives in minutes.

It was a beautiful night out!

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