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After all the bus rides we have decided to fly the next three legs of our trip. Once you factor in getting to the airport, waiting, flight delays, the flight, waiting for bags, and getting from the airport, I’m not sure if flying is that much faster.

Once we arrived in Da Nang I paid the hotel $20 to pick us up. It was nice to see your name on a sign and know you can relax for 40 minutes in a car that is actually taking you to your hotel. Once we pull up to the hotel the doorman opens the doors and escorts us in where we are ask to take a seat in the lobby and given towels and ice tea. We are then escorted to our beautiful room on the top floor, with a balcony facing the countryside. Our room is 4 stars, the hotel is amazing, it has a pool, a gym, a laptop in the room, robes, slippers, a tub, and free breakfast buffet! It’s only been open for 3 weeks and is spotless. All for…wait for it…$24 a night!

Hoi An is supposedly the most beautiful city in Vietnam. With its nightly lanterns and candles floating in the river. The beach a 10 minute bike ride away. We happen to be here during a 3 day storm. Lucky us!!! We considered having dresses made but I really don’t want to spend the 3 days going to fittings. So we may try surfing in the rain or spa treatments.

Last night we decided to ride bikes into the old town. In the rain! Oh what fun! It wasn’t! Sierra was angry the whole time. It was cold and dark and raining so hard we couldn’t see to find our way back. We rode 10 miles in the opposite direction of our hotel. My internet wasn’t working so a group of people finally looked it up on their phone and I took a photo of their phone. We still got turned around on the way back. Finally my 3G started working and we navigated our way in through some back streets. We returned the bikes and walked around the corner to have dinner.

We walked into dinner looking like drenched rats! We met two older men from Iowa. They were a hoot! And at another table an Indian man from London. All of us had a great time chatting about travels, their kids, their wives, grandkids, the war (that one guy served in over here and found the barber that cut his hair here), and life. And the two guys being from Iowa how can you not talk about wrestling. The one guy actually went to high school with Dan Gable and told me stories. It was a great night in the end. They invited us to tour the countryside with them today as they are getting a car and driver. It was nice of them to offer but I think we are just going to just enjoy the rain.

Sierra and I were starving! We ate their leftovers then ordered 4 dishes. The waitress even came back and asked if we wanted to cancel anything as it was a lot of food. I laughed! If anyone has ever seen Sierra eat you would know she eats like a horse. We ate it all. That bike ride took a lot of fuel.

We came back to our room and I took a nice hot bath. Then crawled into my fluffy white bed and fell asleep.

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