Ha Long Bay

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After breakfast our tour bus picked us up for our 4 hour journey to Ha long Bay. It was nice that the bus offered sporadic wifi. Better than no wifi, right?

Once we got to the bay it was amazing. We were so sad that it was overcast out but so happy that it wasn’t raining.

We boarded a boat that took us out on a cruise of the bay. We had a Vietnamese seafood lunch served family style that we shared with our table. Us, a young Korean girl, a young export Chinese business man, (who keeps hitting on the girl), and an old Vietnamese couple who live in Australia.

After lunch we could hangout on the upper deck of the boat. We then reach a cove where we can either pay a guy to row us around or we can kayak. Sierra and I choose to go kayaking. It was absolutely beautiful kayaking around the cove into caves. We kayaked around for about 45 minutes. Then we had to return to the boat.

We then cruised over to a cave that was discovered by a fisherman. It was huge and full of the most stunning stalagmites and stalactites.

Afterwards the boat returned us to shore where we met the bus for our journey back to Hanoi.

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