Hanoi, Vietnam

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We flew from De Nang, Vietnam up to Hanoi yesterday. Our driver was there waiting with our name at the airport. I have discovered this is an amazing service and plan on always having a driver pick us up from the airport. Honestly it is money well spent.

After checking into our room and being slightly disappointed. Our last place was so amazing. We headed out to explore. Our hotel is wonderfully situated. One block from the beautiful lake and 3 blocks from the nightlife of the old district.

We first went to look out at the lake on a lovely Chinese bridge. On the bridge we met a guy from Mountain View, CA who is living in Saigon. He reminded Sierra and I of Coach Kay. He told us he has cousins in Vacaville and we thought for sure he was going to say Kay but he didn’t.

We decided to get dinner and he asked to join us. So we walked over to this restaurant upstairs on the river. After we were seated we realized this was a little more than we had bargained for. It was business men out celebrating and a huge company Christmas Party. There was a band and the food was presented in an over the top way. We were given roses and made to play instruments and wear silly hats. When I asked for the bill the manager refused and said we must stay longer that it’s too early. Then he pretended to keep my visa I his pocket. It was all a lot of fun.

After we walked out we met a Norwegian man who joined us to go have the cheapest beers in the world! 5,000 dong a glass. 22,500 dong equals a $1. You sit on these horribly uncomfortable dollar store plastic stools and they put a tray on one making it your table. And you drink and eat snacks while scooters try to squeeze down the walkway between you. We also met two Spanish surfers who joined us. They invited us to visit them next summer in Northern Spain. We all had a lot of fun buying snacks from the ladies who walk up and down the street. It was a nice night out. We turned in early as we have a tour in the morning.

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