Hoi An, Vietnam in the rain

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It was raining our second day in Hoi An so we took a taxi down to the old district. We borrowed umbrellas from the hotel and walked around the shops. We then had lunch at a trendy Vietnamese restaurant. The food was pricey and it was just all about presentation. It tasted just like street food. Afterwards we walked around and decided to sit and have tea until the lanterns came on. We sat on a cute patio of a French ran guesthouse.

Then city lit up with lanterns. We purchased a candle to make a wish and float into the river. There were beautiful couples everywhere having their wedding photos taken. Sierra wants to come back when she’s engaged and have romantic photos taken and all her bridesmaids dresses custom made here.

The following day the rain stopped for a short period of time so we made a dash for the beach.

The first restaurant on the each wanted us to sit and have drinks. She was more than happy to rent us a surfboard for $7 an hour. We decided to walk down the beach. We found a nice lady who cleaned off chairs for us and gave us cushions. She refused to rent us surfboards as she said the water was way to dangerous today. Sierra went out into the water and agreed. The waves were coming from every direction and pulling the sand out from under her out into the ocean. So we just stayed close to shore. Even though it was overcast out the water was still was bath water temperature.

One giant wave washed a bunch of tiny blue jelly fish onto the shore. They were so gorgeous. The photos don’t do them justice. It then started to rain so we called a taxi to come get us and take us back to the hotel.

We had lunch at the place next door to the hotel before heading back into the old town. We wanted to go back and get some gifts. And these amazing fluffy street donuts. We walked around until we couldn’t stand the rain any longer.

Back at the hotel I had a bottle of Vietnamese wine and chatted with two guys from Manchester, England. One was living in Vietnam making social documentaries and the other is a humanitarian. It’s was great fun talking about American popular culture with them. Sierra decided to run 6 miles on the treadmill in her socks. Not the greatest decision she realized afterwards. When her feet hurt.

The following day we said our goodbyes. We came to love this hotel and its 5 star service. I love the doorman who would always come out to the cab with an umbrella and open our door. The waitresses that always made sure my tea cup was full. The front desk girl who would always welcome us even though she couldn’t say Sierra properly. The housekeepers who turned down our beds each night. This was honestly the best hotel I have ever stayed at in my life!

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