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Today we are leaving Vietnam to go back to Thailand. It’s bittersweet. I have come to enjoy so much of Vietnam, the people, the landscape, the food, the climate. But it isn’t Thailand. Speaking a little bit of the language helps a lot. More than speaking the language is understanding conversations. Or at least the main idea of the conversation. And I love the street food of Thailand!! It is simply amazing and cheap!

My dad was awesome enough to pick us up from the airport closer to his house, DMK. This is the original international airport in Bangkok before the one out in no where land was built. Immigration took much longer than normal. I honestly have learned to profile the people in front of me in the lines to determine which lines will move the fastest. Most elderly people don’t have things filled out properly and take the longest. Then never get in line behind a woman in a burka. It’s an ordeal. They have to scan your eyes and face through the system. You see the issue here. Business men are the best, fast and efficient.

After arriving at my dads and resting for a bit, we decide to go to Asiatique. This is like the Pier 39 of Bangkok. Tourist, modern, and a lot of fun! We walked around the shops and looked around. Oreo cookies were there doing a promo. If you purchased a tin for $3 you could play the game for a chance to win stuff. So I played aiming for a giant Oreo bear, instead I won a second tin of cookies. The standard prize was a sleeve of cookies so it was better than that. Afterwards we had dinner at Joe Louis’s traditional Thai puppet show. The best part is when the puppets come around the tables.

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