Living Like a Local, Sorta

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We woke up this morning because my dad wanted to get an early start driving out to Korat.

We stopped at a gas station and we were shocked that he let us drink our Mochas from Cafe Amazon in his car. We then stopped at the famous Chokchai Farms! It’s an American Cowboy Ranch in the middle of Thailand. Imagine a cross between Harris Ranch and Disneyland.

Sierra paid to feed the elephants. I played a game and won a keychain. Then we had Wagyu Beef Burgers and curly fries. I am getting so fat on this trip! I need to hit the gym hard when I get home!!!

Once we arrived in Korat my dad took me to the car rental place. I got a Mazda. Sierra got in the drivers seat and I on the passengers forgetting they drive on the opposite side of the road. Not making the rental guy or my dad feel confident about me driving in Thailand! Sierra and I then went to the mall! So people double park in parking garages. You pull into a spot and an entire line of cars are parked in front of the row. They have to leave their cars in neutral so the can be pushed out of the way when the other car is leaving. I refuse to park this way as your more likely to get fender benders. We finally get a spot and head into a giant car show at the mall. With Vegas style girls standing or dancing by cars! Sierra finds the clowns and gets a balloon sword!

I feel like a boss when I figured out that I can get my parking validated before exiting the mall. This is huge when you can’t read any signs!

We then go to Makro! It’s like Thailand’s version of Costco but no samples. Afterwards we go to check into the bungalows behind my grandma’s house. Then grab my grandma and uncle and head to the night market!

I am so sick of parking lots by this point. We were stuck forever so my uncle jumps out and takes off. Who knows where he went. I make Sierra get out, stop traffic, direct a car to back out of a spot, move a barricade so I can park. Then we had to find my uncle and head into the market! I got my favorite snack of crickets! I’m really going to miss this place!!!

I can pretty much navigate my way around Korat and am starting to feel like this is home.

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