I’m Official!

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It’s finally happening!!! Sierra and I got up and grabbed my grandmother from her house. We headed down to the province government offices to meet my lawyer and the village headman.

The lawyer met with the head of the providence and gave me our blue book. I’m the 4th household resident!!! This is huge! What I have been working over a year to obtain.

Having a Thai birth certificate and passport means nothing without a Thai ID card. Which is like a social security card. And you can not obtain an ID card without being registered to a household. Which was not an easy process.

Now we just had to wait for the village head to take me to the ID card place and sign. He finally arrives an hour later and walks be to a huge government building. 7 baht fee (.20 cents ), fingerprints, a photo, and my ID is getting printed!

It’s official, I am fully a Thai citizen! I can now own property, work, live, and have healthcare in Thailand!

The main goal of all of this is to transfer my family’s land into my name. So that my disabled Uncle will always have a place to live after my grandmother is gone. So that my relatives won’t sell it out from under him. Or mortgage it to buy things. Thailand is no different than the U.S. in that regard. It is never wise to refinance or mortgage your home to buy stuff that decreases in value or has no value. Sacrificing your only asset that increases in value is a bad move that most of us make and regret.

An added benefit is that Steve and I can now also purchase a home here and retire after the kids graduate. I would love to open a pottery studio in Northern Thailand with a guesthouse upstairs one day.

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