Phuket, Thailand

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After dropping off the rental car in Korat and driving back to Bangkok with my dad I decided to book airline tickets to Phuket.

So my dad dropped us off at the airport on his way home. At the airport we met some awesome people that invited us to stay with them in Phuket Town then head to Phi Phi in the morning. We were going to join them but I decided to stay on Phuket since we haven’t been there before and we stayed on Phi Phi Island last year. So at the airport I booked a room online in Patong Bay. In the middle of all the action. Picture Vegas on steroids on the beach.

Once we arrived in Phuket it was dumping rain. We booked a mini van ride for 380 baht vs a private taxi for 800 baht. This driver was driving like a bat out of hell, in a downpour! I told Sierra to put her seatbelt on because I was sure we were going to crash. I was the last one on the minibus so I got to sit up front with the driver and his girlfriend. In Patong Bay they could barely see out the window and the water was about 2 feet deep in the streets. I had to google maps everyones hotel because those two where a train wreck and we would have spent all night searching for these people’s hotels. Apparently they needed me and dropped us off last.

Upon checking in was 11:30 at night. We were drenched, hungry and tired. The hotel had no record of us, so I had to show them the booking on my phone. Since it was in English they couldn’t read that I booked the cheapest room, so they gave us a junior suite with breakfast. They realized we didn’t pay for breakfast on the second day but they let us keep the room all three nights!

After checking in and putting our stuff in the rooms we waked around and got something to eat. Then headed off to bed.

In the morning we got up and had breakfast right on the beach. We are staying at one of the three resorts actually located directly on the beach in Patong. It is fabulous! So we decided to just rent VIP mats on the beach 20 steps in front of our room. It was lovely! We met Hank from South Africa who was a hoot to spend all day on the beach with. His three other friends joined him and were just as much fun. He spent all day checking out the hot guys with Sierra.

The beach guys were the best. They moved our umbrellas when the sun moved and brought us drinks all day. I purchased a little broom from a lady walking buy selling stuff. The best purchase ever!!! You sweep the sand off of you and your mat, why haven’t I ever had one before for the beach!

Sierra then decided to go Parasailing. I negotiated a deal for her to do a much bigger loop than everyone else and that I could go on the boat to take photos. She absolutely loved it!!!!!

I decided to have an hour massage on the beach instead. It was amazing and the lady even offered to go buy my lunch for me. I loved her!!!!

We literally were the first people on the beach and the last people at the end of the day. It was nice being able to go to our room to use the bathroom or grab something whenever we needed. The hotel even had fire dancers on the beach at night.

We went out at night for dinner and walked around the shops. It was a nice relaxing day.

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