Koh Phi Phi Islands

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Instead of staying on Phi Phi we booked an all day tour of the islands. Not the best idea I’ve ever had. It was expensive and a serious waste of time! They hold you and your time hostage.

They arrived at our hotel to pick us up at 7:45am for our 1 hour drive to the pier, where we sit and wait for an hour to board our speed boat. While we are in our pre boarding briefing we are told we are in the group that doesn’t have it’s national park fees paid for. I specifically asked to make sure Sierra’s were covered when I booked the tour. So we had to call my booking agent to get it all straightened out. We paid 1600 baht each and 400 of that is National Park fees. They fixed it and we were on our way. Come to find out most people had paid over 2000 baht each without their fees paid. Negotiations are everything in Thailand.

Our first stop Maya Bay. The location of the movie, “The Beach”, with Leo Dicaprio. It’s a zoo!!!! Good thing most of these tourists can’t swim. If you can swim out into the bay you can actually enjoy your surroundings. And it is stunning!!! After an hour we (the 8 of us out of 35 who paid to get off) we got back on the boat and headed to Monkey beach. Apparently it was high tide and you couldn’t see any beach. But there were monkeys in the trees on the crags. This was not monkey beach, we went to monkey beach last year and it was in a different location. We then visited Viking Cave. I used to know why it’s called that but I forgot and no one could understand our guide.

Then we stopped to snorkel!!! As soon as the boat anchored Sierra dove off and was gone! Most of the other people wore life vests to snorkel in so they thought Sierra was a mermaid!

After snorkeling we went to Phi Phi island for the worst buffet lunch I have ever had in my life!!!! Then Sierra and I took off to all our favorite sites. We honestly didn’t want to leave and considered just staying on the island. The boat was leaving at 2:10 and we were booking it back. A crew member grabbed us and dragged us back to the boat. Apparently they were about to leave us when the 3 deaf Israeli men I had been helping all day were signing the long hair girls aren’t here to the guide! We were 8 minutes late and they were acting like they had been looking for us for hours!!

Then we go to some strange tiny island full of tour boats. Where everything is over priced and you have to pay outrageous prices for a chair and $1 to use the bathroom. I snuck on the boat and used the bathroom on board that they never told us about. Sierra fell asleep on the beach next to the British realtor living in Spain we spent all day with. He has 3 kids the same ages and just got a divorce after 20 years. He’s now doing all the things his wife never let him do. The most amazing was dog sledding in Finland for 3 days. He said he almost froze to death!

Then back to Phuket. Then back to our hotel. Then I went for a night swim in the ocean then the pool! It was amazing!!!! I wish I could live at this hotel forever!!!!

Afterward Sierra and I walked to the mall and had dinner. Then we went to Big C (Thailand’s version of Walmart) and got some things. Then walked back to the hotel. Dodging lady boys, ping pong shows, and the massage girls.

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