11 Hour Layover In Phoenix, Az

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On our way to Costa Rica we had an 11 hour layover in Phoenix, Arizona. We decided to rent a car and go explore Scottsdale. We went and walked around Old Town Scottsdale.

It was 82 degrees out and beautiful. We looked in all the little shops. Salome purchased a cute Mexican Poncho. We then had lunch at Rehab Burger Therapy. We split the huge PB&J bacon burger with sweet potato tater tots. It was amazing!!! They had the most affordable beer specials. Good thing I’m not a local!

We then went to the historic Sugar Bowl. The Family Circus comic strip takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona. They often visit this popular ice cream parlor in the comic strip. We had a banana split. It was ok. Nothing like Fenton’s.

Afterwards we looked in more shops. We were super tired and decided to head back to the airport and relax inside the USO. It is nice to have this little retreat with in the airport.

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