Day 1 Costa Rica

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Salome and I thought we would sleep on the 4 hour flight from Phoenix to San Jose. Boy were we wrong! This crazy old hippie lady sat next to us. She was constantly fighting and yelling at the woman behind me. So we didn’t get any sleep at all. Upon arrival I had booked our rental car for 5:30 am but apparently they didn’t want to show up until 6:30am. Nothing at the airport was open so we had to just sit on the street and wait. The rental car ended up being double the price and a huge ordeal. We then headed out based on the drawn map from the car rental guy. He said turn left on 24 when it was a right. So we were all turned around. I found a tiny shop that I got a water, juice and rolls from. The man was nice and let me pay in usd and gave me crc in change. Thankfully because it was toll roads all the way.

We stopped at the crocodile bridge and took pictures. Got some empanadas and a very expensive water. Then got back on the road. Salome slept most of the 4 hour drive. I was exhausted. I was running on less than 3 hours sleep. At one point a road crew had us stopped for oncoming traffic to go through. I totally fell asleep waiting. No one was honking. I woke up when the road crew guy came to the window. So I drank a lot of water to stay awake.

Finally we come to a town with a bank so I left Salome in the car sleeping while I got in the huge ATM line. I had no idea the exchange rate and kept entering the wrong amount to withdraw. After all the water I drank I needed to use the restroom, I had no sleep, I was worried about Salome in the car, and the huge line forming behind me, I finally punched in an amount and it spit money at me. Well I grabbed it and jumped into the car. I never ended the transaction. Ugh!!! Now I needed to check my bank account so I went to a store that sold cell phones to see if the sold SIM cards. No but the nice guy got in his car and I followed him to the utility office where they also sell SIM cards. I took a number and waited. And waited. Finally it was my turn. I don’t speak any Spanish beyond what I learned as a child on Sesame Street. This was a very painful transaction. $2 later I had a SIM card. It was less than a bottle of water in this country. Now I needed a supermarket to add money to the card. I just wanted to check into my room. So I drove on.

Upon arriving at the guesthouse. Salome changed and jumped into the ocean. I picked this place as it was directly on the beach at the entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park.

I had somehow blocked myself from my online banking. So after an hour of trying to place a call to my bank with the help of the hotel guy. I finally messaged Steve to have the bank call me. Yes!!! It worked. I checked my account, all was well!!!

I was melting from the heat at this point and jumped into the ocean to take pictures of Salome. My lifeproof case seal wasn’t properly sealed and I saw my case filling with water!!!! I jumped out to open and dry it off. But I was too late! The damage was done. This was my camera, my lifeline, all my confirmations, I use this phone for everything!!! I put it in rice but it had fizzled out already. Salome thought I’d be more upset but I truly believe in karma and I had come to the conclusion (while praying on the flight) that I was guilty of some sins that I hadn’t faced. So I believe losing my phone was my punishment for what I had done.

At 2pm it was time to check into our room. So Salome jumped into the shower but forgot to bring in her bag. So I ran out to the car to get it. Salome locked herself in the room. And broke the lock!!! The hotel guy couldn’t open it and she couldn’t open the window. Finally I figured out how to open the window and climbed in. The lock was broken. So we had to throw everything out the window and climb out. He went to move us into a new room, that was still occupied. Finally he found us a room . This place only has 5. We put our stuff into the room and headed into town to find a cell phone repair shop. The guy won’t be in until tomorrow she says and there is little chance anything can be done for my phone. So we then drive to the cell phone store. Where we try to get a SIM card for Salome’s locked phone and are told they can’t unlock it. Our guesthouse wifi doesn’t work and we haven’t had any other wifi yet. So I decide I’m going to have to buy a $250 Samsung phone at an appliance store. The lady there tried her sim in Salome’s phone and it worked! So we buy a SIM card from her walk to another store where I have to pay $2 to have it cut into nano size. Walk back and add money to it. Now We again have a working phone! I download a few apps onto her phone and finally get ahold of Steve!

We then go to the cheapest market to get some supplies. This country is expensive!!! Like more than Europe, expensive. How do these people live here? It’s over $8 for shampoo! I get the most generic brand and even that is still $3. Bottled water in the Walmart owned market is still $2! The cheapest item were bananas. We may be living off of those for the entire trip.

Afterwards we went to a local inexpensive Soda place to eat. The cheapest plate is $8 so Salome and I share it. It’s the same thing we had for lunch at the hotel but $2 less and a little more food.

It’s only 7:00pm but we feel like it’s midnight. So we go straight to sleep. Our room doesn’t have windows, it only has screens. So you can hear the waves crashing all night and all the animals. It is amazing.

Since my phone is dead I don’t have a lot of pictures to post. And Salome barely took any. These are hers.

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