Jaco, Costa Rica

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After waking up Salome and I headed to the Taco Bar for their $3 breakfast special. We also got $3 fruit smoothies. It was fun as the seats were swings at the bar.

Then Salome had her very first surfing lesson. I wanted to join her but I wouldn’t be able to see without my contacts. It took her a good 45 minutes before she could stand up. It finally clicked when she traded boards with another lady. The new board was much more stable. She was pretty tired when she was done so we decided to take a nap.

After our naps we went into town for lunch. After lunch we walked around and looked into some stores.

We then went back and sat on the beach watching the sunset. After the sun went down we jumped into the pool. In the pool we met 3 guys from Atlanta. One was a Latin Actor, one works for Delta and travels everywhere, and the other is an accountant for a spring water company. Then we all decided to go to dinner. We went to the same place as the night before but he was out of the amazing potatoes. I was so sad. After dinner the guys went out on the town and Salome & I returned to our room. Where our two new roommates were already sleeping.

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