Day 4 in Costa Rica

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Today we got up and packed our things to head to higher grounds.

We stopped at the Taco Bar for breakfast again as this is honestly the best deal in town.

Then started out on our three and a half hour journey to Monteverdi Cloud Forest. Along the way we stopped for gas and to see the crocodiles again. Then we hit the worst road I have ever driven on in my life! It’s not dirt or gravel but rocks. Large rocks that are pointy and jagged. For over an hour you are bouncing all over the place. Praying you don’t blow a tire out!

When we finally arrived our accommodations were less than desirable. The worst I have ever stayed in and please remember I have slept in a tent with 400 other people. I decide to make the best of it. We had just left 91 degree beautiful sandy beaches for 68 degree, 26 mph winds, and rain. What exactly were we thinking?

We then decided to head out to the cloud forest reserve. Another 20 minutes driving on rocks. We pay $20 to get in and try to hire a guide. There aren’t anymore available for the day. So we hike the forest alone. We come across a tour group that has spotted 2 beautiful mating birds building their love nest. It was neat to see. The cloud forest is simply breath taking. We hiked to a suspension bridge that hung over the forest allowing you to look down over the beauty as though you are in the trees. We really enjoyed it. We loved our wet muddy hike through the forest.

Afterwards we drove to a coffee shop where we enjoyed local coffee and cheesecake. We then went and visited local artists shops. There is definitely a different vibe up here than on the coast. It’s a little more organic.

We ended our night having dinner in town and getting some very expensive cough syrup. The drastic change in weather has caused me to get a sore throat and cough. I pray I’m not getting too sick.

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  1. While there at monte verde, go to the Quaker cheese factory tour. And the zip lines and all at Sleplucura(spelling?) it’s fun to relive and remember our time on CR too

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