Monteverde, Costa Rica

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Salome and I both woke up this morning with a cough. The winds here are crazy!! 26 mph all night. You can’t sleep because it sounds like the roof is going to blow off at any moment.

Our guest house provides a nice pancake and fruit breakfast to get our morning started. We then head into town to reload data onto Salome’s phone. I then need to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses as I accidentally sat on my $2 Vietnam knock off Rey Bans.

We then head up the rocky road to Sky Adventures. Where we had booked a zip line, gondola, nature walk, and herpetarium tour. We first go on our 2 hour nature walk over 5 long suspension bridges. On the second bridge we are arms length from a sloth eating breakfast before his nap. Then on the trail we come across a baby viper snake. It was a nice informative nature walk.

Afterwards we have a snack then get geared up to go zip lining through the cloud forest. We take the gondola up for what seems like forever. So we are way up into the clouds. Where they have a bar and a lookout platform. You are basically standing inside of a cloud. An older gentleman decided he needed some liquid courage and took a shot of tequila. He offered for me to join him but I had made a vow not to drink on this trip. We then walk up this tower in the mist and winds. Salome is wearing the go pro and I am behind her. So we were unable to get any photos of each other zip lining. At one point we strap the go pro to her back and get a great video of the trees and her shadow zip lining. I will try to add it to this blog when we get home.

It was amazing flying into the clouds. It was an awesome experience to finally get to touch the clouds. Too bad they aren’t soft and fluffy like you think they are as a child. More fog and mist.

After we are done Salome purchases a t shirt saying I survived and I get the photo of me.

We then drive back into town for a late lunch. Our lunch was amazing! We had ceviche, a tamale (here they wrap them in a plantain leaf and make them with a light fluffy white corn meal), our go to Casado dish, horchata, and pineapple juice. What’s great about the Casado dish is every restaurant serves it differently. The only two guarantees are the beans and rice. This region adds a chunk of cheese. I also have discovered this amazing sauce that I now put on everything. I really hope cost plus or someplace carries it at home because I love it!

After lunch we visit the herpetarium. I run into a tour guide I met the day before there. He had been traveling around with a bus full of older tourists all over Costa Rica for two weeks and was happy to see a familiar face. And wanted someone to chat with.

Salome and I are pretty tired so we head back and take a small nap. We then go and hang out in the guest house visiting with the other tourists. All young European couples. One nice couple from Germany gave me some good quality cold medicine. I’m praying it works as I’m feeling worse.

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  1. Lazano!!!! I ordered a case of it when we got home, shipped from Florida! But that was 2008. Glad you’re have a great time.

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