Arenal Volcano and Las Fortuna

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Since I was feeling extremely under the weather we decided to cancel canyoning and go on a horseback ride to Las Fortuna waterfall and back.

My horse obviously is the second horse in the trail ride and every time he tried to move to the front the lead horse would kick him. Well finally he got to close in trying to pass and I got kicked in my shin! Oh, the pain! On top of my fever, body aches, and congestion.

At the top of the falls we left the horses for our 1000 meter hike to the bottom of the falls. At the bottom of the falls I thought I was strong enough to do my yoga pose in front of the falls on a mossy rock. My weak sick legs started to tremble and head first into the rocky waters I fell. Thankfully all I got was wet, as I could have easily busted my head open. Salome and I swam around for a while before heading back to the horses.

On the trail back we stopped at a small mock Indian village where we were given some kind of fermented sugar cane juice and shown a short presentation in Spanish. At this point I was so feverish I could barely keep my eyes open. Upon arriving back at the ranch the guide placed me in a taxi and sent me back to our hostel. Where I purchased more medicine at the market, homeopathic stuff at the natural store, and a ginger lime mango smoothie at the pizza place.

I flopped into a hammock and there I laid until the mosquitos started to eat me alive. Then I retired to the room where Salome had been reading all night.

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