Our final day in Costa Rica

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It was such a beautiful day. We woke up to the sounds of 150 birds. After we got dressed we headed over to the main house for breakfast. As we ate breakfast a baby sloth crawled over and played under the breakfast table and on the chairs.

In the playpen on the porch was a baby spider monkey looking at you to pick him up. Then there were 2 rocking chairs with 2 baby sloths in one and 4 babies playing on another.

Leslie and Jorge run a wonderful toucan and other endangered animal rescue. They take in animals that are injured and in critical condition. This is a clean, beautifully ran piece of property. The cost of feeding all these animals must be a lot. There are many interns and workers who take care of all of the animals. Leslie spends most of her time with the babies and the new animals coming in. As Sloths are extremely sensitive to odors no one but Leslie can touch or hold them. So she spends most of her day feeding them.

It’s horrible how these animals end up at the rescue. It’s beautiful how they restore the animals back to health and give them a new chance at life.

After our tour Salome and I head up to the chocolate factory. We sample some hot chocolate and make a few purchases. We then head to the airport for our long flight home. The struggle with economical travel is that you sacrifice direct flights to save a lot of money.

Originally Salome came home from school asking to go on the Costa Rica Science trip for $3800. I told her we could both go for that price and she can do activities that a school trip wouldn’t be able to do. Like surf lessons, zip lining, and horse back riding. In total we spent under $3000. This included our flights, the rental car, insurance, gas, lodging, food, activities, cell service, cold medicine and souvenirs.

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  1. Well it sounds like you guys had an enjoyable trip, despite some problems and getting sick. Welcome home and looking forward to seeing you Saturday for papa’s birthday.
    Luv Oma

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