Sarchi and Naranjo

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After we packed up we enjoyed the $5 breakfast buffet at the hostel. Then headed out to Sarchi. Sarchi is a town known for ox cart building and decorating. We went to the ox cart museum and watched them make ox cart wheels. We also got to see them paint pictures of parrots and trays.

Then we headed to Naranjo to a beautiful coffee plantation. We arrived early for the tour so Jose our guide provided us with Coffee and cookies. He also showed Salome music videos about her name. We then had a sandwich and a smoothie in the cafe.

Then off onto the tour we went. We learned everything there is to know about coffee, the history, and the production. Jose was wonderful!!!!

After the tour we purchased some souvenirs in the gift shop and visited some more with Jose. I had purchased a woven coffee bean bag in Monteverde and wanted to purchase one here also. They didn’t have any for sale so Jose went and found me a used one that he just gave to me. He had a wonderful spirit about him.

Then Salome and I headed to the Toucan Rescue Ranch where we were staying that night. We hit the worst rush hour traffic ever. It took us 2 hours to drive 35 kilometers. We were exhausted by the time we arrived. We then decided to go to a local truck stop for dinner. Despite the truckers and prostitutes the owner and his son were extremely kind and generous. We enjoyed our meal and returned to the rescue ranch for a peaceful nights sleep.

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