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I’m super excited to tryout this new low cost airline. For $400 we booked a round trip, non stop flight from Oakland to Stockholm, Sweden. You can’t even fly round trip to Seattle for that!

For $200 each way you are allowed 1 carry on that weighs 20 lbs and that’s it. So upon arrival in Oakland we are directed to get into the longest line ever. I ask if my email confirmation can be used as a boarding pass and am told no I have to stand in line. So I go to the premium ticket line and “ask a question”. Where the lady just gives me our boarding passes and weighs our bags. 20 pounds exactly! She puts an approval tag on our bags and let’s us go. I guess I won’t be purchasing souvenirs on this trip.

The planes are nice and new. Nice sunglasses windows and personal entertainment centers. USB chargers at each seat.

But that’s it! Everything else must be purchased! Even water!!! No complimentary beverage or nuts. No headphones, too bad! No blankets or pillows. 10 hours in the air and you are on your own.

I took two Dramamine and slept the entire flight. It was perfect.

We had a 5 hour layover in Stockholm before our flight to Amsterdam. It’s like being stuck in Ikea. But without the inexpensive meatballs.

Then we piled onto our Norwegian flight to Amsterdam. No USB ports or entertainment systems. They did offer free wifi on this flight. For a $45 flight that took 2 hours I wasn’t complaining.

I would definitely fly Norwegian again. Pack light and pack a lunch!!

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