Istanbul Day 2

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After sleeping in we got going into the cold. We took the tram half way then hiked the other half of the way to the Süleymaniye Mosque. It’s supposed to be the nicest mosque in Istanbul. We met a lovely Muslim lady who explained how the call to prayer works and why women sit where they do during prayer.

Afterwards we walked down to the Spice Market. The police are in full force everywhere today. We are thoroughly searched by a female police before entering. The Spice market is just a miniature Grand Bazaar. With much better prices! Like half of what we paid for stuff the day before!! Ugh!!!

We then walked down to the water and had the famous fish sandwich and pickles off the boats. It was a lot of fun and reminded us of Fishermen’s wharf.

We then went on a cruise of the Bosphorus. It was wonderful to see the mansions and palaces that line the waterfront. Along with getting to be between Asia and Europe. The cruise was freezing and Cay (Turkish Chai Tea) is becoming my life water. It’s 1.50-3 lira everywhere, $1 is equal to 2.84 Lira.

After we got off the cruise we asked the security guy who called over 4 guys, where the stuffed muscles where located. I finally pulled up a photo on my phone and they all laughed because the guy was sitting there selling them 2 feet from us. They are amazing!!!! 1 Lira each and they are so good!!

We then decided to head back to our neighborhood and go to the Blue Mosque. It is in a beautiful park that reminds us Disneyland. The inside of the Mosque is all blue tiles, hence the name blue Mosque. We must cover our heads inside of the Mosques. Thankfully I knew this and packed our own scarfs. The free clothes are rather ugly and gross.

Afterwards we walked around then sat upstairs of a Döner Kebab shop on a heated terrace with a beautiful view of the Blue Mosque. We had water, 2 soups, and free bread. One of the best views ever all for $6! All of the surrounding places were 4 times the price and no where near as beautiful of a view. You could only spot this place if you were looking at it from across the street and up.

We then walked around some more. We got sucked into a carpet shop with the most Narcissistic Owner ever. It was funny. He made us listen to him sing on YouTube and pose for a ton of pictures with him. After finally getting out of there without making a purchase we needed dessert.

We went to the cute little cafe we visited the night before and got great desserts!

We then decided to end our beautiful day!

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