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After arriving in Izmir at 9:30pm we hiked to the international terminal to locate our rental car company. The rental car guy was the kindest guy ever. He even loaned me his personal car charger for my phone. We entered our address into Google Maps and was navigated to an armed guarded gate. So we had to download Waze and renavigate.

It was an hour drive to Selcuk where we are staying. It is midnight by the time we get into our room. We are up and at breakfast by 8am.

Upon arriving at Ephesus I am approached by a man who is going to take us to the top entrance so we can walk down to our car. I don’t know why I trusted him and got in his car but we found ourselves on a 30 minute detour to a carpet factory. The owner could tell I had no interest in carpets and got us to Ephesus straight away. No harm but lost time.

Ephesus is amazing! What I wouldn’t give to have lived 2000 years ago. The weather was hot and beautiful. We paid to go into the terrace house and it was well worth it.

I can tell you all about Ephesus but I’m sure Wikipedia can do a much better job. We did listen to Rick Steve’s Audio Guide which was very informative. I love standing near a person who has paid for a private guide that is giving the same information as my free audio guide.

We were hot and dehydrated by the time we were done. So we treated ourselves to an ice cream. At $2 each. I’m really going to miss Turkey.

We thought we would go and check out the house of Mary that is 6 km away. We picked up an older Belgium couple who were walking there. It was hot and over a 20 minute drive uphill on a curvy road. When we got there they wanted 50 lira around $23 for Sierra and I to go in. It literally takes 2 minutes to walk through this house and I’m not sure I believe it is really her house so I opted out and left the Belgium couple there. Hopefully they got a taxi and didn’t try to walk back.

We then went to the Basilica of St. John where supposedly his tomb is and where he wrote Revelations. It is now a pile of ruins. It’s located right below an old moorish castle the is currently being excavated.

Then we visited the Ephesus Museum which holds all the artifacts found in Ephesus.

Afterwards we headed to Sirince. An old Greek village famous for its wine. That is honestly horrible. They must know this as the sell all types of fruit wines that taste like wine coolers.

I tried a Turkish Coffee which honestly tastes like drinking mud. Then we went for lunch at a cute outdoor cafe. Afterwards we walked around the shops.

We watched a man hang a sign from the bucket of a backhoe. The whole village came out to watch.

The we decided to drive to the sea. Along the way we found a dog who was lost on a road in the middle of nowhere. I opened my door and he jumped in. We dropped him off at our hotel before heading off to the sea.

It was late and we were exhausted so we headed back to relax with some tea and get to bed early as we had an early flight out the next day.

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