Jerusalem Day 1

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After checking into our Hostel and dealing with the issue of having 2 reservations (apparently the person on the phone who was supposed to cancel the first one didn’t) and the issue that Sierra wasn’t 18. Never an issue before (they turn our hostel into a night club at night), it all gets worked out, Sierra has to stay by my side the entire time. We then find out it is a 3 day holiday (everywhere else it is a 1 day holiday but since we are in a walled city it celebrates additional days), Purim.

Purim celebrates the conquest of Queen Ester. It’s like a huge Jewish Halloween. Everyone dresses up and it’s the one time a year Orthodox Jews can get drunk. It’s mayhem in the streets. And we don’t have costumes! It’s ok, as the only benefit we get out of the holiday is that everything stays open extremely late. So we can walk around and enjoy our first night out until midnight instead of 8pm.

We first head to the Tower of David for the Night Spectacular, a light show of the history of the city of Jerusalem. From the beginning until now.

It’s lovely and to music, so us non Hebrew speakers could enjoy it. We met a nice group of American Missionaries that were sitting in front of us. They hand out electronic solar powered audio bibles all over the world in almost every language. They gave me their card to get them for our church mission trips.

The men we met then took us all over the old city sharing the information they have learned on their tour. We visit the Western Wall, the most famous of the 4 walls of the Temple Mount. As it is the wall closest to the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept and was the sight where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac (or Ishmael depending on your religion).

We then went back to bed with our earplugs in as the party went on until we woke to start our next day!

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