Jerusalem Day 3

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Good Friday!

We got a late start today and had to walk about a mile and a half to pick up our rental car. We then had to get to the school where Station 1 of the stations of the cross is before it starts at 11:30. At 11:00 am I start driving to the Lions Gate of the Old City. Friday is the Muslims Holy day so the are having their market at the gate. A man selling juice or something in coolers has ramps to pull his cart up the curb in the tiny spot right in front of the gate. I ask if I can park there and and he says only because it’s me and moves his ramps! We have the closest spot you can get to Station 1. We then hurry to the school and the guards have the walk way blocked and the crowds are piling up. There is nothing but a wall to the walkway that we can’t u turn up to into the school so we start to scale the wall up into the school and the crowds help push me up. It is quite exciting. So we Squish up against the wall at the entrance to the school and watch all the different churches file into the church. Then the Franciscan Monks start the Good Friday Procession. Station 1 then they walk as we file in directly behind the monks. At Station 2 we are pushed back by the mob. By Station 4 we are back in the front where the Muslim keepers of the Church keep directing me to stand in the front at each station. We literally were closer than everyone including most of the monks the entire time until we completed all the stations and ended at the tomb. It was amazing!!! It was the perfect day and God wanted it to touch my heart. It was as if this Good Friday was just for me to get closer to Him.

Afterwards we stayed and toured the entire Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Then we headed to Mt. Olive. We start at the Garden of Gethsemane. Where Jesus went to pray before he was arrested. Next to the garden is The Church of Agony where the rock that Jesus agonized over his death is the alter. Then we walked passed all the tombs of the Jews waiting for the Messiah to raise them from the dead. Then we made the huge climb to the Church of all Nations where you can see the Lords Prayer translates into almost every language. Then we returned to our car that we parked at this little church that when you enter a cross lines up directly over the Dome of the Rock where God has placed the center of the entire Earth.

We then drove back to our room then walked down to the Western Wall to observe the starting of Shebat. Then returned to the hostel to partake in their Shebat dinner.

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