Naples & Pompeii

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Today was another early start for us as we had to catch the train to Naples. Then we traveled onto Pompeii.

Pompeii is huge. Imagine if your entire city was buried for thousands of years then uncovered. Only a portion has been dug up. There are some beautiful homes, shops, theaters, temples, bath houses, restaurants, and brothels.

What would they find in your home if unearthed 2000 years from now? People didn’t pack and move away. Everything was left exactly where it was. All kinds of items are on display at the museum in Naples.

We walked for hours looking into the houses and lives of the Wealthy Roman Families. It was hot and this is March I can’t imagine coming here in the Summer.

We had a horrible lunch in the cafeteria at the sight then headed to Naples. Where we visited the Museum. Everything they found in Pompeii was brought here. It has some amazing frescoes. This is honestly the worst museum I have ever been to. Nothing is properly labeled. If an exhibit was loaned out they printed a paper and taped it to the spot. There was a huge Batman, Spider-Man, and Yoda exhibit spread through out the museum. So Yoda would be hanging out next to a bust of Hadrian. It was odd. And it was €13 to enter!!!!

We then went for a walk around Naples. It’s like going for a walk in Oakland. There are some pretty spots but it was mostly trashy. We decided to pop into a pizza place to try authentic Napoli Pizza. Lucky us we pick the same place as Bill Clinton. As his photo is on the menu. This is the second time on this trip. We must have the same taste as President Clinton.

We then head to the train station and find a cute cafe in the basement where we enjoy some nice pastries and cappuccino while we wait for our train.

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