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We have one and a half days in Stockholm. It is clean, beautiful, sunny, and extremely expensive. I didn’t know that everything closes early on Saturday and Sunday so not the two best days to visit.

After we got settled into our cute cave like room in Gamla Stan, the ancient part of the city. We were starving so we went to eat a late lunch. It was wonderful eating at a local pub. We had the Swedish Meatballs and the traditional sausage dishes. They were amazing and 10 times better than Ikea.

We wanted to look around at shops on the walking street but everything had closed at 5. It was cute that the street divider was quotes from a famous Swedish writer. We met two Swedish guys that were explaining what life in Sweden is like. We then went to a cute place for hot white chocolate. Where we spent the night chatting with a couple from Slovenia. We discussed American politics and the Syrian Refugee Crisis. This is one of the greatest things about traveling is all the people you meet and learning new perspectives on issues.

The next day nothing opens until 11 am so we got to sleep in and get a late start. We took the ferry over to the Vasa museum. The most amazing museum!

Vasa is a war ship from the 1600’s. It was designed incorrectly and sunk 20 minutes into it’s maiden voyage. After 333 years under water it was hoisted up and a museum was constructed around it. While in Costa Rica I met a young man staying at my same guesthouse who works at this museum. He wrote us a note so that we could get into the museum for free! In a such an expensive city every penny helps. We went on the English tour and watched the video. It was really an enjoyable museum. The ship is massive and the history is impressive.

We then took the bus to the Royal Palace to watch the changing of the guard. Afterwards we took a tour of the palace. It’s not that impressive but I now know more about the Swedish Royal family than I have ever wanted to learn.

Then we walked around some cute shops. Everything is so expensive. The sweater I wanted was over $300. So I skipped it. And I wasn’t about to purchase $8 keychains. I don’t need Viking helmets or stuffed moose so it was good that everything was so over priced. We stopped into the oldest cafe in Stockholm and had coffee and dessert. It was like traveling into the past.

We then went to dinner where Sierra and I both has the leg of lamb. I wanted to try the Reindeer but couldn’t bring myself to paying the $45 for a small plate.

After dinner we chatted with a lovely artist and her family in her gallery. She gave us some free coasters of her work. They were all a blast to chat with.

We then met a group of young doctors from the UK and their one colleague from Chicago. Where we argued over how to say fondue. It was hysterical. Afterwards Sierra and I wanted to go to the have the white chocolate again but they were sold out so we had the hot milk chocolate. It wasn’t as good and we were sad!

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