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After taking the red eye from Sacramento via Houston to Newark we were zonked! We went to the USO inside the airport to change and freshen up. I decided to straighten my hair like a silly goose. The humidity just frizzed my hair right back up.

We took the air train to the rail station where we paid $8 ($13 w/o military discount) each to go to Penn Station. Then we stumbled out into the 90 degree heat and humidity. I thought fall on the east coast was supposed to be brisk. Not disgustingly mucky!!! We had decided that we would buy 3 day citibike passes for $24 each. So we can stop and see the city while getting from one point to the next without walking everywhere. So we hop onto these bikes with our 30 pound backpacks on and sling purses. Riding in traffic through Manhattan having no clue how to get to our hostel. Taxi cabs are honking at me, busses are honking at me, garbage trucks are trying to run me off the road. Do I care? Nope! I’m just peddling away like Miss Piggy in Central Park.

We dock our bikes 2 blocks from our hostel and walk to check in. Yippee our room is on the 5th floor! I am literally a puddle of hot mess at this point. We collapse into our beds for an hour before we decide to grab a snack from Trader Joes and get back on the bikes to get to Free night at The MOMA.

We stop for some pictures in front of the Public Library and continue onto the closest docking station to the museum. It’s a valet docking station and the girl felt pity for my sweaty self. She sent me to get a free water from the cafe across the street. Then onward to the madness of free night at the MOMA.

We saw some amazing works of art. I was extremely excited to see Van Gough’s Starry Night since I just went all the way to Amersterdam to see it and was told it was in New York. Serenity has done some sculptures exactly like the ones in the museum. Which frustrated her. How are these people famous and I’m not? I guess art students get no respect!

We then headed to 30 Rock where we had drink reservations but were told we were under dressed. I figured it was for the best. We could have ran into the giant Hollister around the corner and purchased sun dresses but it really wasn’t worth it. So we pressed onto Times Square. It was so bright from the lights you would think it was daylight. We got a Starbucks, people watched and went into the giant stores. Then we visited a chain Carlo’s from Cake Boss. It was horrible but honestly what did I expect.

It was raining and after 11pm so we decided to find a bike station and head back to our room. After docking our bikes we grabbed 2 slices of pizza and a drink for $2.75! We are now literally chilling in our room with the ac blasting!!!!

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