New York Day 2

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On our Second Day we rode the citibikes up the entire Upper Eastside to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are some amazing works of Art kept here.

We then rode through Central Park to the American Museum of Natural History. Here we pretended we were in the movie, “Night at the Museum”.

Then we rode our bikes to through the Upper Westside. Stopping to look at the major landmarks and Squares along the way.

Then we went and got same day Broadway show tickets. I had watched parts of each show on YouTube before I left home. So I knew which shows I wanted to see and which shows did not. We ended up getting tickets to, “Something Rotten”. And it was fabulous!!! For $37 each we had pretty good off side seats. We loved it! It was funny and cute.

While we were waiting for the show we walked to the Nintendo store. Pokémon everything along with Mario everything!

After the show we got $1 slices of pizza and called it a day!

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