New York Day 3

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Today’s Itinerary:
•High Line
•Chelesa Market
•Greenwich Village
•Washington Square
•Union Square
•Grand Central Station
•Book of Mormon

Today is September 11, 2016. And we made the decision to not go down to the memorial site and give the families the space they needed to grieve. This is a day that I could never possibly forget as the trauma of 9/11 sent me into an early labor and my little boy was born the following day.

We instead tried to have a wonderful day riding our bikes around Manhattan. It was beautiful walking the High Line. They did an amazing job turning an old railroad line into a fabulous park.

It was a beautiful day to look into some shops and watch the performers at Washington Square.

Grand Central Station is absolutely breathtaking. The lights and ceiling are so beautiful.

We then had to change to go watch The Book of Mormon. I had preorder and paid $125 a ticket for not so great seats. As this is the second most popular show after Hamilton. I was really looking forward to this show as I heard amazing reviews from so many people.

I was extremely disappointed and offended. Anyone who knows me knows it takes a lot to offend me but this raunchy blue humor show managed to do it. I was completely horrified by the topics that the people around me found amusing. I did find 2 of the musical numbers enjoyable. The first one and one right after intermission. Then after the show they continued to disgust me by the hawking of the shows stuffed “Fuck Frogs”. I was done! If I could get my money back I would.

Afterwards we enjoyed dinner at the famous Ellen’s Stardust Dinner. It was a ton of fun! All of the servers are trying to make it to Broadway. They all sing and are really good! This is a must do in Times Square!

On the way back to our room we stopped to look at the beautiful lit up Empire State Building to remember those we lost on 9/11.

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