New York Day 4 & Philadelphia Day 1

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• Ferry to Statue of Liberty
• Ellis Island
• 9/11 Memorial and Museum
• Walking Ghost Tour
• Cheesesteak

Today we rode 5 miles along the East River Bikeway. This bike trail runs alongside FDR Parkway, down the East side of Manhattan. You have a beautiful of the River and Brooklyn the entire ride.

We then caught our ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was amazing to see how large the statue is up close and the awe the immigrants must have felt seeing it off in the distance. Knowing that they have finally arrived to America where all of their hopes and dreams can come true.

The climb to the crown was actually pretty easy. Hands down the easiest climb to the top of anything I have ever done. Once you are in the crown it is pretty cramped. The best part is looking down on the left at the book she is holding and looking up on the right at the torch. They are both massive!

We then had lunch next to the water. It is a beautiful outdoor area connected to the cafeteria. We then took the ferry to Ellis Island.

We are pretty tired by this point and I hate to admit it but we fell asleep watching the movie about how the immigrants were processed through the island. We got the gist of it by walking around and reading the displays. We looked up our Italian lineage that came over and checked on the wall plate my Uncle and Dad purchased when they came out in May. We had fun seeing if we could answer the citizen test. I have a huge respect for my mother and step dad for passing this test. It was really hard!

We then took the ferry back and biked up to the 9/11 memorial and museum. They have turned the site of one of the most horrific incidents in America into a beautiful park for people to remember the lives that were lost that day. The museum is very thoughtfully done. It covers every aspect of 9/11 from the events beforehand up to how our nation responded. You can spend days in this museum listening and watching information about this tragic event.

Afterwards we finally rode the subway for the first time to pick up our rental car in Times Square. What an adventure driving through Times Square and Manhattan during 5:00pm rush hour traffic. Taking the Jersey Turnpike was also an experience. It is nothing like any other expressway I have ever been on. And the most expensive I will add!

Once we arrived in Philadelphia we joined our hostel on a walking ghost tour. It was fun and we got to know a very diverse group of people. Afterwards we treated ourselves to our first Philli Cheesesteak sandwich. I’m not a huge fan of processed cheese wiz so I’m going to have to say this was not my thing. But when in Rome do as the Romans!

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