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• 1st US Post Office
• Reading Terminal
• Dutch Eating Place
• Liberty Bell
• Independence Hall
• Carpenters Hall
• Betsy Ross’s House
• City Tavern

One entire day is more than plenty to see all the major sights and a lot of the smaller sights. We saw most everything, walked everywhere, and had plenty of time to rest and shop.

On our way to Reading Terminal for breakfast we stopped at the First Post Office and posted a souvenir letter home. This is located near Franklin’s printing shop and the site of his home. The home is no longer standing. But there is a museum there and an archaeological dig site.

At Reading Terminal we had breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place. An amazing Amish diner that is extremely affordable. We enjoyed our breakfast and met two of the nicest Philadelphia Police Officers.

We then went to visit the Liberty Bell. It is now housed in a museum after a crazy person tried to break it while it was kept outdoors.

Afterwards we walked around and visited Carpenters Hall along with many other smaller sights. While we waited for our timed entry to Independence Hall.

Our tour of Independence Hall was educational. They put you in the mindset of the people of the time. United States wasn’t even a concept most people could wrap their mind around. Some people saw themselves as British and had loyalties to Britain. They were trying to accomplish something that had never been accomplished ever before. It makes you appreciate how our country was founded so much more.

We then visited where Franklin is buried and learned how Betsy Ross didn’t actually sew our 1st flag. We did some shopping and popped into the beautiful Jewish History Museum. I wish we had more time to enjoy this beautiful museum.

For dinner we visited the Historic City Tavern. Where our founding fathers dined and had pints of beer. The same recipe is still served today.

I’m glad we spent a couple of days here immersed in the city that started our Nation on the road to where it is today.

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