The Amish & The Colonists

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• Rocky Statue & Steps
• Lancaster County
• Colonial Williamsburg

After loading up the rental car we drove by the Rocky statue and the stairs that Rocky runs up in the classic movies. Then we headed into rush hour traffic to visit the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

You know you are in Amish Country once you see the young men farming with large animals and women in buggies taking their children to their one room schools.

We visited many markets and had tons of samples. I wished I lived closer because this was definitely the place to buy canned goods and butter! We tried the shoo fly pie and almost died from sugar overdose. The apple cider is amazing along with the fresh made pretzels.

We then made the drive to Colonial Williamsburg. We checked into our beautiful hotel connected to the Visitor Center. We then took the shuttle to the park. At the park we had some time to walk around and look around the cute shops. We did most of our shopping since we knew we only had tomorrow to visit the entire park and we didn’t want to use that time shopping.

It was now time to go on our Ghosts Among Us tour. This was a neat tour where we went into three different colonial homes and were told time period true stories that may have left some ghosts behind.

Afterwards we went to the Tavern for Ale and soup. It was a grand ole time as we played period board games and listened to the musicians perform. We made some friends who then gave us a ride back to our hotel. The sweetest older ladies ever!!!

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