Colonial Williamsburg

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We had one day to visit the entire historical park. It wasn’t an easy task but due to visiting during the low season we managed to tour all of the homes that were open along with the Governors Palace and the Capital building. We had coffee at the coffee shop (free) and visited all of the workshops.

We chatted with the apprentices about how life in Colonial Williamsburg works. They are all actual apprentices learning a trade from 1780. They build the wagons and make the shoes that are used throughout the village.

We met some of the actors that walk around as local townspeople. It was out of character for Martha Washington to be flying a kite with the tavern owner or maybe there is more to this story.

We got to take part in the daily trials. I as a magistrate and Serenity as a judge. This was a lot of fun!

We enjoyed learning about the lives of the colonists during the same time period as we just left Philadelphia in. It was our journey to Freedom and Independence. Immersed in history in the actual locations that events took place.

We grabbed a snack on the go for lunch. That way we could make better use of our time. Then we had dinner at a Tavern before heading to Washington DC.

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