Yangon Day 2

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Not wanting to get out of my cozy air conditioned bed, I finally willed myself to get up and dressed. I booked a bed in a double female dorm room. No one was ever placed into the bed above me thankfully. So I had the entire beautiful room to myself. I jumped into the brand new shower with the rain shower head. Then headed up 8 flights of stairs to breakfast. I had fried rice with an egg on top. They put beans in the rice to add protein but it gave it a rather odd texture. The fruit was nice and I made sure I drank a lot of water.

Then I headed out into the heat to Scott’s Market. This is a large market in an old colonial building. On the walk to the market I saw a row of monks collecting alms. I was taking a photo when the little one collecting the rice from the older monks in a huge pot came running up to me. Wanting me to take his photo like I was going to somehow land him on the cover of Time magazine. He was so adorable!

Once I reached the market I made a couple of purchases then left as I was starting to feel harassed. I then headed back to my room to take a nap before check out. On my walk back I saw a medicine man sitting in front of the cell phone store. He was making some kind of cure for a mans hand. Then on the street of my hostel were groups of men just hanging out on plastic stools. They were having tea and chewing their nasty beetle tobacco leaf things. Which are literally sold every 10 feet.

After I checked out I walked to a famous tea house that was closed. With my new friend from Singapore. So we decided to take a taxi to another tea house with great reviews, Lucky Seven Tea House. I had an amazing curry dish and their Lucky Tea. I also ordered a mint tea with honey on ice. Since we were eating outside and I was melting. They actually served it to my in their brand new glass with the price tag still on it.

Afterwards I split from my new friend and went to a shopping center. I tried on some traditional Burmese clothes but nothing fit. Then I walked to the Union Bar, where I had a pint with a British man who was staying with the bars owner. He was extremely interesting and has been traveling for 18 months and is traveling indefinitely. He has protested in Palestine and been tear gassed. Just traveled through Iran. And wanted to go to the USA to observe our election. To watch a great empire crumble and be there to witness history.

I then took a stroll through the colonial part of town. It was really pretty amazing once I pictured it in my head, Rangoon in its prime. How beautiful it must have been.

I then got to experience rush hour traffic. Going 40 kilometers took 2 hours. I am now on an overnight bus going to Inle Lake. The bus has gone 80 kilometers in 4 hours due to 3 stops and having a part replaced. It isn’t a cool sleeper bus like I took in Cambodia. It’s more like an airplane seat. So I’m not planning on a very good night of rest.

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