Balloon Festival Taunggyi

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As part of the full-moon celebrations during Tazaungmon (the eighth month of Myanmar’s lunar calendar), the city holds a huge fire-balloon festival , when hundreds of hot-air balloons in kaleidoscopic colours and shapes are released into the sky to carry away sins. Once the hot air ballon enters the sky it then explodes into fireworks. This sounds amazing in theory but it is an unmanned hot air balloon armed with explosive fireworks! That go off above a giant crowd of people. Then one ignited a tree.

The entire festival is mayhem. Drunk Burmese people everywhere! Booths with the wonkiest games ever. State fair type booths and street vendors. Pop up night clubs were everywhere. It was crazy.

The best part hands down was the human powered Ferris wheel. 8 young very acrobatic men climb to the top of the Ferris wheel then at the same time they jump and hang from a car causing the wheel to go. They then just all jump off. When it’s time to stop the wheel they grab and hang from the bottom cars.

It was a fun experience. Would I go out of my way to go again? Probably not but it was worth seeing once.

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