Bagan Day 2

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The worst part of riding an ebike around on your own and looking at things is that you have no idea where you are going, what you are looking at, and it is hot outside. So I decided to hire a car with ac and a guide who speaks English. I told the guy arranging it that I want someone friendly, has both eyes, all their teeth, and can operate an iPhone to take photos of me. I have been surrounded by young travelers who spend around $10 a day so 75,000 kyats ($60) was a huge expense to them. So I went alone.

My guide was around 30 and friendly. His English was okay not great but okay. He was an official guide who works in Bagan during the busy season and the rest of the year with his wife and son in Yangon doing nothing. Guess he has it figured out.

We went to so many temples and he showed me ancient monasteries, along with ancient ordination halls. He explained about Nats and the 37 main spirit nats of the Burmese culture that was incorporated into their Buddhism.

We watched a celebration of a nat who was a drunk, smoking, cock betting man. These Burmese women were dancing and acting out the life of this nat. I still don’t fully understand why he became a spiritual figure in their culture. There are these nat statues everywhere and unless you have a guide you have no idea what they are.

I then got food poisoning at lunch when I ate at the popular touristy The Moon vegetarian restaurant. So he took me back to lay down for an hour. Since I paid for the day I dragged my sick self back out to look at more temples and climb up on one to watch the sunset.

He showed me how sesame seeds are grown and where the glue they make lacquer comes from. He took pictures of me and felt with me when I was sick and lethargic. I really liked him Anne had a pleasant day in the end.

I went straight to bed after picking up my laundry and checking the election results. Where my stomach still hurts and I got little sleep.

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